Beasy Baybie

Beasy Baybie was brought up in Reading, PA where she spent most of her adolescent years as a ward​ of the state, growing up in foster care and group homes. Her troubled beginnings were the solid foundation​ that her audience grew to love. ​

Her radio career began in Charlotte, NC where she served as executive producer and radio personality ​ for the morning show. She later transitioned to Columbia, SC where she held the title of #1 Radio show ​for 5 plus years! Her brand continues to captivate people of all walks of life, leading her to cover major ​award shows such as the BET Awards, The Hip Hop Awards, Social Awards, and so on. ​

She’s been the face of several red-carpet premieres for major box office hits like “The New Edition Story” ​ and “The Bobby Brown Story”. Beasy has been recognized by “Who’s Who in America” and was honored ​as Radio Ink’s ” Future African American Leader In Radio”.  ​

Beasy’s also listed as one of the world’s “Great​ Black Speakers”. Through it all her heart has always been with her community where she’s led “Operation​ We Got Us” which has aided in the relief of flood victims, hurricane victims, and the homeless community. ​Beasy is a role model and a regular at local schools, detention facilities and universities. ​

Find more about ​Beasy at or Instagram: @beasybaybie (67K+ followers) or Facebook: Beasy Baybie​